Sunday, May 13, 2012

 Fall Leaves

I loved drawing these fall leaves using my colored pencils.
Actually the green leaf is about 6" x 6" and is sold.
The golden leaf is about 12" x 9" and is also sold.  They looked so great framed.  I was encouraged to do more drawings and did another one , larger and has a little oil pastels rubbed into the colored pencils.  Oil pastels is just wonderful with Prismacolors as
they are both oil based and both can be deluded with solvent.
This always surprises my artists ( I have learned not to call my students, students, but to call them artists as I learn from them as much as they learn from me).  Some times I forget but I try not to call them students.  I have the most wonderful bunch of artists any
one can have.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

                                                      Seeds for Thought, Colored Pencils

Seeds for Thought is an older drawing I did quite awhile ago.  I have some of my newer drawings but I just can't seem to upload them.  I am going to need help.  Until then I wish all my friends who are mother's a very
Happy Mother's Day and even my friends who are not mothers I wish you all a wonderful day.
We are going to M's house for our traditional Waffle Brunch made by my son in law.  We will also have strawberries and sour cream and brown sugar.  It usually is a great day.  We have our friends M and D and their darling little son N joining us.  This child is so loved and so adorable.  It will be a very happy day.  We are all thrilled to have a baby in our family again.