Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tulips, Watercolor Batik

These tulips were done in watercolor after I waxed the line drawing. Where you see the white is where the wax was. I use a tool called a Jhanting that you can buy from Dick Blick, I use bee's wax, also can be found at Blick's. Once I finish painting I put the painting on paper towels and iron the wax off. Once that is done I sometimes ink to embellish the design. This is great way to relax and they make great gifts. If anyone wants more information they can email me at


Melissa & Emmitt said...

wow jeanne! that is amazing. i love the reflection on the table. your colors are wonderful. you make it look so easy.
:) melissa

The Devil Dog said...

Did you go get your award yet from us?


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Jeanne!
You just won an award. :) Come over to my blog to see what you won. :)
Melissa and Emmitt

ladypug said...

Jeanne, I got your blog site from your daughter (and her puggies!) and I am just blown away! I love how the things you paint are technically "still life" and yet they look so alive and moving! I'll be back to visit often.

Debby Frisella said...

Jeanne, you absolutely amaze me with your artwork. You have inspired my daughter, Ashley and I, to do more in watercolor with wax resist!
Debby Frisella