Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hot Peppers, Oil, 6" x 8", Sold

Hot Peppers is finished but I sure need to learn how to photograph wet paintings. I had a frame for this one so I was able to scan it without the wet paint hitting the scanner. Anyone can tell me how to photograph wet paintings I sure would appreciate it.


Lisa B. said...

Hi Jeanne,

Hope your new year is going fabulously. I see you're back in the studio, very nice composition. There's a lot of great negative space and wonderful colors. I'm not sure how exactly how to photograph wet paintings, but I think I've seen where the painting is put on the wall with pushpins, and then two lights are directed at it from opposite sides, left and right. And the camera is in the middle. I'm not sure what to do if there is glare, though, maybe tilt the camera down a bit??
Lisa B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne,
It is tough photographing oils. You can get a filter for your camera or buy special anti glare filters that you place in front of the 2 lights you are using. They can be expensive though.
Good luck!
Dee L