Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello Everyone, I have been sick and just getting better. I will be starting my classes next week. On Tuesday the 14th I will be teaching drawing and watercolor and on Thursday the 16th I am teaching Oils and some Acrylics and on Saturday morning the 18th will be drawing and watercolor. Classes run 12 weeks and the hours are 10am to noon.
Now the other thing I want to talk about is I have not been doing any art at all. So I will start way at the beginning of my art career. Today will be drawing. I love drawing and especially fruit and vegetable and roots. I can't remember what this was and also the paper is white but I had no decent camera. this is from the 70's. I have a few more I will show you tomorrow.
Have a great day. It is sunny and gorgeous here. Love you all.

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