Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boite Nature Perfecto

I am scanning these photos that I found as I was cleaning out a closet. Amazing the photos that I thought were lost are actually here. Please forgive the quality of this photo.


Dee Lessard said...

Don't you love finding these little treasures! And how do you feel about the painting after not seeing it for so long? I always find that I like them much better. I don't know if it's because the struggles going through the drawing are carried on as a reminder every time I see it. But put it away for a year or more and you now see it with fresh eyes and disconnected to the feelings (or maybe the criticism...? We are always analyzing "what can we do to make it better")
Anyways, all that aside, I love your drawings Jeanne! I wish I found that in my closet!!!

Anonymous said...

fabulous piece and great craftmanship

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne!!!! I remember this, when you had it in class on the wall!! Wonderful!! Miss you and Yes Im still doing art!! Deb Lion