Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I did today

I did not paint today. Ho Hum, I cleaned. I cleaned the studio. I can just look at the mess so long. It is looking good now and I am happy. Roasted a chicken and cooked carrots and green beans, Yummy. After dinner I came into the studio and painted on a 22" x 22" scarf. It is a dragon, I love dragons. I got about half done and I am happy. I am off to bed to read and later to sleep. Good Night Everyone. Did I tell you I am happy. I love looking at artists blogs. Tonight I looked at Karin Jurick's blog. Oh what wonderful paintings she does, just beautiful.


Claudia Marchand said...

Good for you! It always feels like such relief to start clean and fresh. I was cleaning my basement where it's nice and cool, out of the tropical humidity we had this weekend, and I thought of a question to ask you: what does an artist do with thier student artwork? How do you judge it? Do you keep it all? Do you put it in a safe deposit box? I am curious to hear what you think. Thanks, Claudia

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jeanne!
oh what a wonderful post! nothing is more fun than having a clean studio! it just makes more room for the creativity to flow!

i can smell your dinner now. yummy!

have a fabulous weekend! your post made me happy too!