Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Balancing Pear, Oil, 5" x 5", sold

Here is my second little oil, Balancing Pear. I am happy with it. Painting small is really a delight and I thank all my friends who have encouraged me. Tonight I have almost finished a 22" x 22" silk scarf. It is already 8 pm so not sure I will be able to stay up to finish it totally.
Tomorrow I have to bring Missy in for her yearly physical.
Today my grandson came over for the day. He was so funny and happy to see us. Missy was overjoyed to see him and gave him a great welcome.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jeanne!
oh i LOVE this painting. the colors and compostion are perfect!

hug missy for us!

m & e

Jess Mendez said...



I love the balancing Pear!

Pure genious art product, if I can say so without sizzle...LOL

How are you???