Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paperwhites and Tapestry

I love both paperwhites and I love this tapestry. This is a large Prismacolor pencil drawing. It is really funny I used to draw very large drawings and loved doing them but had to stop as my wrist was bothering me so much. I worked hard with stretching and exercises for my wrist, arms and shoulders. I work very hard with yoga stretching. It is very important that you as an artist learn to take care of your body. I think Yoga is the way to go. I have this wonderful yoga teacher now and she has helped me so much. Love to you all. Jeanne
Private collection


Lisa B. said...

Hi Jeanne,

Hope you and your family are doing well. I'm loving the retrospective! You are amazing. I agree with the need to take care of your physical body, although I'm an offender of not taking breaks to stretch and to look far in the distance after spending so much time looking close up.

I added a link on my blogroll to Claudia Marchand's main blog about her graphic design business. She's been so busy with her work for clients, that she hasn't had time to do her own stuff. Check her GD blog out, she just did a brochure for Rose Olson, our color theory teacher from school, it's beautiful!
Take care!

r garriott said...

Such a lovely effect. My goodness... so complex! I have to admit it makes my wrist hurt just thinking about it.

I find that weekly pilates keeps my back in shape for long days standing at the easel.

Claudia Marchand said...

Hi Jeanne, I have been enjoying looking at your "review" so much. It is just astounding to me the amount of detail you draw; it shows that you care so very, very deeply and want to express every inch. I appreciate it and admire your strength and stamina as an artist. The battered woman series is magnificent, thank you so much for revisiting the past and sharing it with all of your readers. I agree we have to take care of our bodies and it is a hard thing when we work so cerebrally. The blouses echo that so well. They say we stand on the shoulders of six generations, and in looking at these Victorian-era remnants we see how far we have come and how much farther we should aim to go. I hope you and your husband stay well through the holidays. Thank you for all your posts!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your artwork is awesome to look at and so inspiring to me. You never seize to amaze me with your artistic abilities! Keep it up girl...I'm a fan for life!

Love ya,
Deb Frisella

Anonymous said...

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