Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Dream

One night I dreamed of this painting. Exactly as you see it. I woke up and started right in on it. The painting went very fast, I used oil sticks and was able to finish it in three days. This painting belongs to my son Paul, the fine furniture maker and motorcyclist. He always liked my more abstract paintings. This painting is perfect for him.
I love dreaming about paintings and then getting up so energized I can't stop painting. It happened a lot when I was doing the show Interpretations with my other son Mark. That was an exciting time for us, we love showing together.


Mickey said...

That is so nice! I love the colors! The blue!
It looks very bold as if to say
"Look,here I am! See me!"
I'm liking everything I see so far :)

How did your recent show go ?

Team Tabby said...

Your squash paintings are awesome. I made your abstract painting bigger by clicking on it - it's wonderful, I like the play of colours.