Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another busy day

Today is usually a painting day but I just decided to enjoy a visit with my grandson. He is totally entertaining and funny. We watched Godzilla, very interesting indeed. He practically knows it by heart. His Mom came in from work and we had a great dinner. Now it is quiet and I think I will go into the studio to paint for a couple of hours. I am busy working for my next art show and using acrylics is a big change for me. The colors are great and I find I am painting differently, course I am painting the Utah landscape and that alone is mighty different. When I went on my motorcycle trip with my son, it really was a trip of a lifetime. First of all he is very organized and I had complete trust in him. I love being on a motorcycle, just love it. He has a BMW 1200--, can't remember the two letters after the 1200. Anyway it was very comfortable. We wore helmets and motorcycle outfits and boots and gloves, not one inch of my skin was showing. You would be surprised how cold it gets on a motorcycle. We went in May and had the most beautiful weather and the most wonderful time. I could not have asked for a better vacation and the most wonderful trip any Mother could ever have. I love thinking about it and sometimes I get teary just wishing for a day on that bike. We met my other son and his wife and my grand daughter in Zion, that was the highlight of our trip. A great reunion.


Team Tabby said...

We came over from Roxy's blog. We really like your paintings! It's so informative when you describe what you are doing, what medium, how you feel about what you are doing, what inspires you. We'll certainly look forward to your talking about your new project - Utah. Since we live by the ocean, this should be interesting to us. Regards,
Moe & Mindy

The Devil Dog said...

Dear Memere. The four pugs, Cricket, Buster, Puglsey and Daisy visited your blog and left me a message about it. You can read it over at my blog.


LHK said...

I came over from Roxy and Lucky's blog. I'm a kitty, and I'm friends with Millie too. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. will there be a website for your show? I live in California, so its to far for me to get to it. I'm hoping I can see some of your pictures from Utah.