Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Beautiful Saturday

It was a beautiful day and my friends and I were going to an open house of a wonderful wildlife artist. The sun was shining and the leaves were just beautiful. Our wildlife artist has a great studio out in the woods. Her studio sparkled with beautiful colors, each painting had texture and color and each animal had their own personality. It was a treat to be there, we visited her chickens and sheep and loved her black dog and black cat. Wonderful visit and we hated to leave.
Once home again I was inspired to paint and I did, all afternoon. It was great I was energized by my artist friend's art work.
I want to talk about my painting Magic and Beauty. This painting is 30" x 40" and is an oil painting. It has a life of it's own. It was hard for me to find a place for it. I had it in the dining room but it just looked OK. I finally hung it over the entertainment center and it looks fabulous. The wall is a yellow gold and the colors of the painting just glow. I remember hanging it in the gallery and the same thing happened. One wall it looked OK then I changed it to another wall and it looked just great. This painting has a life of it's own, right now it is a very happy painting.

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