Monday, October 29, 2007

The Motorcyclist

In 2005 John and I went to Colorado for a 2 week visit. My son Paul and his wife Jane live in Colorado and we just love going to visit. Paul had just bought himself a new BMW motorcycle and I was very anxious to have a ride on it. Finally after much teasing he decided we would take a ride up to Monarch Pass. Monarch Pass is 12,ooo ft and it was just a gorgeous day. I just loved it and this made Paul very happy, so we started to plan a trip for 2007. We planned for two years and finally in May 2007, I was on the plane heading to Co. and our trip to the southwest part of Utah. I had to have all the necessary clothing for motorcycle riding. I had a new jacket and pants, gloves and boots and borrowed my daughters helmet. You know every inch of me had to be covered.
We went for a couple of practice rides in Colorado. The hardest thing for me was to get on the motorcycle, once I had mastered that we were on our way.

to be continued

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Mickey said...

A trip through southern Utah.I look forward to hearing of your journeys and seeing your pictures.The landscape looks vast & interesting.I bet the trip was spectacular!