Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thoughts for the day

"If your daily life seems poor,
do not blame it, blame yourself, tell yourself
that you are not poet or artist enough to call
forth its riches, for to the creator there is no poverty
and no poor indifferent place, "


Artist: Dale Tremblay Begley said...

Yeah! Congratulations on your first blog post. Jeanne, did you really go on a 7 day motorcycle trip with your son? You have spunk. I'm looking forward to seeing your new series and to reading more blog posts. I'm not much more experienced when it comes to blogs. I've only been doing it a couple weeks or so myself. Bye for now.

Studio Jeanne said...

Dale, I did go on a 7 day motorcycle trip with my son Paul. We did 1,150 miles and did the south west of Utah. we met my other son Mark and Peggy and Ellen in Zion National Park and we stayed with them for a few days. We also went to Bryce Canyon and many more places. It was a trip of a lifetime.
Love these blogs. Jeanne